Gerry GOS Simpson


GOS born Gerald Otis Simpson is a self taught painter/photographer. At a young age, he developed a talent for the arts especially painting with acrylics which allowed him to experiment with vibrant color combinations.  He also developed enthusiasm for music and fashion eventually leading him to New York, opening to him a world of culture and creativity.  Simpson has worked as Visual Merchandising Manager for Nordstrom for several years, he is also a Professor at American River College teaching Visual Merchandising and Fashion Promotion.

However, GOS paints vibrant, colorful scenerios that are possitive characterizations of the Black experience.  The lack of African American representation in art has allowed GOS to create his own imagery.

The works of GOS have appeared in numerous exhibitions in numerous venues throughout the region including KINKS International, The Barton Gallery, The Crocker Museum, The 1910 Gallery, Sacramento City Hall Gallery, The African American Art Museum and Library of Oakland, Capitol Public Radio, 40 Acre Gallery, The Sacramento Philharmonic Symphony, Underground Books, The SMUD Art Gallery, TYhe Pence Gallery, Revolution Wines, The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum, The Kuumba Collective, Carol’s Book Store, The Brick House Gallery and EVOLVE the Gallery.

Artist Statement

“It is my goal to use my art as a tool to bring people together…  To at least give people that are outside of my community a glimpse of who I am and what my experience has been…

My work has brought to my attention that we as people are similar in a lot of ways and have some of the same experiences…  That experience being of a good life filled with fun times, family and friends…

I believe that color has a great healing power and when used in great quantities, color can be what brings people together and allows them to find common ground…

Color is emotion… Color can be moody… Color can be soothing…  Color can be happy… Color is music… Above all, COLOR is not blind…”

Gerry GOS Simpson